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Social Bevahiour

Besides his high drive and talent for sports, Arthur also is a very sociable male and a wonderful family companion

Arthur is a darling, well known and beloved by everyone around. He entertaines the children and cares for the elderly people in our neighborhood. No one is left behind without a smile in their face when Arthur is walking by.

Just like his father, Arthur displays wonderful interaction with children and would also be an excellent school companion, therapy or even medical assistance / service dog.

He even lived around babys for some time and showed patient and affectionate bevahiour as well. He always keeps his cool and forgives rough and uncoordinate handling immediately.

We used Arthur as a private therapy dog when visiting a retirement home for elderly people. As always, he mastered his task, making everyone smile with his confident and playful character.

His social interaction with other animals and dog friends is equally social. Arthur partially grew up at the horse stable and is familiar with all kinds of big and small animals. Our guinea pigs at home can live in their open enclosure without a security grid needed.

All in all, Arthur displays very shepherd-like charateristics, like herding and protection instincts.

For example, he started to take the role of the protector for our small family dog when he was 1,5 years old by himself. At first, i was unsure about allowing him to take on this role, but in fact it showed that Arthur is 100% reliable and considerate.

He never overreacts or reacts inappropriately, keeps cool even in conflict situations (e.g. in case of unwanted contact with a foreign dog) and even then remains easy to handle.

Most times, his charisma alone is enough to keep foreign dogs at a distance.

Arthur is also very instinctive - you can always rely on his knowledge of human nature. Arthur has already warned me of some dangers.

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King Arthur von den drei Eichen - Umgang mit Kindern
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All Categories

King Arthur von den drei Eichen - Umgang mit Kindern

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