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Arthur is a FCI Register Dog and brings high genetic diversity to breeding programs

Arthur is an FCI registered dog (RSR first generation FCI pedigree)



Egeborg's Captain Indi (DKK 🇩🇰 / FCI bred)

Denmark imported, certified therapy dog "animal-assisted pedagogy" TBD eV kindergarten Bewegungsland Bunsoh. BH, BGH1, BGH2, AD, VDH Dog handling license.


Ginny die kleine Hexe von den drei Eichen (WSR e.V. 🇩🇪 / non FCI bred)


Breeding Database

Pedigree Database

Working Dog

Thanks to successful registration and phenotyping* at BVWS e.V. Arthur is aloud to be used for breeding in the FCI without any restrictions.

* The BVWS e.V. allows the registration of WSS bred outside the FCI to maintain and improve genetic diversity, essential for healthy future generations of the breed.

His puppies will receive FCI pedigree with full rights for breeding, sport and partially restricted for show. On the fatherline however, only Arthur will be listed as an ancestor.

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