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IGP Schutzhund

Arthurs defense work is characterised by extreme drive, high speed and fast, hard and full grips


Arthur is my very first dog.

Therefore i was lacking experience in handling shepherd dogs and was unaware of the IGP sport, which is why we discovered that sport quite late.

That's why Arthurs rocket start is even more impressive!

We first practiced Obedience regularly at 1.5 years old.

Defense and tracking training started at almost 2 years old.

So we went for our BH title in summer 2022 and passed with a flawless obedience routine.

Just 2 months later, we competed at IBGH1 level at the BVWS Vergleichswettkampf 2022, won 1st place and earned the title of "Best Obedience of the day". Arthur did have only 6 months of Obedience training at this point.

In this video, Arthur had his very first try out for protection work.

Arthur walked onto the training area and immediately started working with the decoy like he knew instinctively what his job is. He has never seen a decoy before didn't have any basic training at that time!

That's when we became aware of Arthurs unique drive and talent for protection among the WSS breed.

Regular, weekly protection training only took place from April 2022, at the age of almost 2 years.

Here's Arthurs first long attack and short attack in Summer 2022.

Arthur's great disposition for IGP also shows when tracking.

Like most WSS he tracks with a lot of motivation but is also calm and persistant.

Due to my lack of experience we paused tracking work and continued in October 2022.

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