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Arthur is a versatile sporting dog

We practise IGP as our "main sport".

Since Arthur enjoys all kinds of activities, we also do canicross, skating, cycling, swimming, dog trekking and disc dog in our free time.

King Arthur von den drei Eichen Weißer Schweizer Schäferhund Weisser Schäferhund White Swiss Shepherd Deckrüde stud male dog King Arthur weißer Schäferhund white shepherd Schutzdiest IGP IPO protection Schutzhund Fährte tracking spring pole working dog working line berger blanc suisse

Overall we have done so far:

  • IGP

  • Canicross/dog trekking

  • bikejoring

  • skating

  • cycling

  • Swimming

  • Stand Up Paddling

  • (mountain) hiking

  • sledding

  • Spring Pole

  • Flirt Pole

  • mantrailing

  • agility

  • Disc Dogging

  • Dog Diving

Arthur shines with his perfect workability at every activity.

Arthur playing Spring Pole.

He discovered the water hose in the video on the right during a walk and decided to have a training session.

We tried stand up paddling in summer 2022. Arthur immediately stood on the board and after a few attempts he dared to swim permanently in the water.

In the end, Arthur swam in open water for 1 hour straight and fetched his ball.

Arthur just loves water!

We are regular guests at the dog meetup our public swimming pool organizes every year and we can be found often at the Rhine river in summer. If it were up to him, he would spend hours fetching his ball.

Arthur also enjoys dryland mushing a lot.

We started with simple dog trekking.

Now, Arthur pulls everything that moves:

Inline skates, skateboards, bicycles, sleds, ...

In winter, Arthur also is a robust and fun companion.

When it was below zero degrees and a snowstorm going on, we hiked to the top of the Tegelsberg mountain in Black Forest - quite risky, but Arthur had the fun of his life!

Last winter, we let him pull our sled for the first time.

We had to pause our IGP work for some time because of an accident I had.

In the meantime, Arthur did enjoy Disc Dogging a lot.

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At the "Hund & Pferd" Convention, Dortmund 2023, besides representing and showcasing the WSS, Arthur did dog diving for the furst time and immediately loved it.

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