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About Arthur & Health Data

Arthur has perfect health data and is suitable for every female white swiss shepherd with breeding permission

BH/VT, AD, IBGH 1, IBGH 3, UPr 2, IGP 1

Born: 07.06.2020

Size: 65 cm (25,5 in)

Weight: 37 kg (82 lbs)

DNA stored for lifetime

no allergies known


HD A1/A1

ED 0/0

OCD (shoulder): clear

LÜW (spine): clear

Cardiac (echocardiography & Farbdoppler examination): clear

Pigmentation: excellent

Teeth: Full dentition (incl. P1)


Genetic COI 23% (breed average 28%)

Wright’s Inbreeding Coefficient/10 gen 0%

Ancestor Loss Coefficient/10 gen 100%

MDR1 +/+



HZ (pituitary dwarfism) N/N


Hämophilie Typ 1 clear

Hämophilie Typ 2 clear

CLAD III clear

CSS clear

ACHM clear

HUU clear

XHED clear

RCND clear

MPS VII clear

DNA: Embark Panel

ISAG2006 DNA Certificate

X-rays evaluated by GRSK eV,

genetic tests evaluated by Laboklin and Emabrk,

Heart ultrasound evaluated by Collegium Cardiologicum eV.

Arthurs lips, eyelids, nose and paws show pitch black pigmentation.

Even his claws are brown / partially black.

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