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Arthur is an all-rounder and total package WSS!

Doing therapy work at the retirement home and entertaining our neighborhood children, going on city trips and helping at the horse stable, excelling at tracking and protection work - There's nothing Arthur can't do!

All in all, Arthur is livley and eager to work, but also a well balanced, sociable and confident male with an enormous amount of Power, that you must experience!

Arthur is absolutely fearless and self confident.

Early in his puppy days, he displays an open and friendly behaviour in every situation. He is also completely unimpressed by stronger stimuli such as playing children, loud parties and big crowds of people.

He even enjoys new years eve with fireworks.

He shows absolutely no fear of contact with strangers - on the contrary: He likes to be in the spotlight, but is always unimpressed and, depending on the situation, neutral to sociable and playful.

Very few people are afraid of him - his confident charisma causes a fascination and joy with a healthy amount of respect.

At the age of 2, Arthur has already developed into a self-confident and very reliable dog in everyday life.

He isn't flustered by anything... Except when seeing water to play in!

Arthur is always interested in various activities and masters unfamiliar situations with a great deal of curiosity.


Arthur is totally clearheaded, never acts without thinking first, even when working his high drive. Other people often describe him as "unfazed and cool".

His greatest strength is his balanced character.

Despite his irrepressible enthusiasm for work and his temperament, Arthur is loving, caring and relaxed at home with my family, and is a reliable companion even for calmer activities - "Angel at home - Devil at work"

Arthur (in the middle) and 3 littermates.

His sisters also show excellent pigmentation and are joyful family and sporting dogs, which are successfully used as companion dogs at school and are trained in obedience and rescue dog sports.

2 of his sisters also tried out IGP protection work and, just like Arthur, have shown high drive and excellent working abilities!

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